Our beloved Famila Sauza-Berenguer de Marquina, Familia Berenguer de Marquina-FitzGerald and Familia Sauza descendants,


How are you? It is truly amazing that it took 70 years for us to be reunited through the recently concluded 92nd Las Familias Unidas that happened on 22 January 2012! Honestly, I am still contained with great feelings of meeting our long lost family members from various places in the Philippines and from the different places of the world! We never thought that we reached that awesome number of attendees though many of us were informed only by Facebook and other means of modern technology communications. 

The endless colorful stories of our ancestors brought as all together such as why they migrated to another place and a lot more. The priceless happiness of meeting our long lost relatives especially our elder kin in their wheel chairs, canes and old age was precisely touching and worth treasuring for. These elder kin of ours who were children then in the previous Las Familias Unidas before World War II broke in the Republic of the Philippines were emotional and joyful in meeting again their cousins whom they never thought were still alive, in sharing their experiences about the previous Las Familias Unidas they attended together with their families and in observing us in the 92nd Las Familias Unidas that they never imagined to happen again. Sad to post, many of them passed away after our 92nd  Las Familias Unidas.

Historically, my dear late father Reynaldo Sausa Sr. y Ner from Angono, Rizal, The Philippines together with his brothers Conrado and Arsenio and their parents Teodoro Sausa y Bautista and Maria Socorro Ner y Gragera were among the participants of the 78th Las Familias Unidas that took place in Opon presently Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, The Philippines on 25 December 1928. This 78th Las Familias Unidas was hosted by Don Demetrio Sauza y Mendoza and wife Doña Criselda Embrado y Alison. Many family members from Angono and Binangonan, Rizal Province, The Philippines traveled by boat to Cebu, The Queen City of The South just to continue the legacy of Las Familias Unidas that was started on 25 December 1850 at Hacienda Sauza-Berenguer de Marquina, Pueblo de Mariquina (presently Marikina City), Provincia de Tondo, Filipinas by our Grand Patriarch Don Santiago Sauza y Delos Rios of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico and by our Grand Matriarch Doña Ysabel Berenguer de Marquina y Sumulong of Cagsawa, Provincia de Albay, Filipinas. My dear late parents Reynaldo Sausa Sr. y Ner and wife Cipriana Estevanez y Mendieta, because of their Visayan culture, were truly family oriented. This kind of culture, we, their children, continue to share with you because after all, we are a big family of clans! 

My other Sauza ancestry was part of the Sauza - Mariño clan of old Taal, Batangas. Don Francisco Mariño y Macabulos married Doña Beatriz Sauza y Sanchez whose second child Don Melchor Mariño y Sauza was married to Doña Gregoria Gertrudes Diokno y Villavicencio whose children were Nicolas, Beatriz and Fidela.

The first born Nicolas married Maria del Rosario of Pampanga. They were the parents of Fr. Policarpio Mariño, the first parish priest of Lobo, Batangas, the ancestral hometown of my husband Dr. Alejandro Ambida y Palacios. 

The second child was Beatriz was married to Don Segundo Apacible of Balayan, Batangas. They were the parents of the first born Doña Concepcion Apacible y Mariño who married Don Segundo Macatangay y Sangalang who were the parents of the first born Doña Macaria Macatangay y Apacible who married Don Macario Villavicencio y Borbon who where the parents of my direct ancestor the first born Doña Maria Macatangay y Villavicencio who married the widower Don Anslemo Onofre Benedicto Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina.

The third and youngest child Fidela was married to Don Zacarias Noble y Ilustre. They were the ancestors of the Noble clan of Taal, Batangas.

It is truly an honor for me and my husband Dr. Alejandro Ambida y Palacios of Batangas City, Batangas, The Philippines and our household to host the  93rd Las Familias Unidas that will happen on 26 January 2013 at Ynares Sports Arena, Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City, The Philippines from 6 AM - 9 PM. Our official theme will be "Royal Ancestry, Noble Works, Humble Character"

Regarding our official shirt design, it will be made my our cousin Mr. Rene Eune Ponte y Pueblos of Loon, Bohol, The Philippines. He is from the House of Doña Hilaria Dela Vega Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina and Don Teodoro Vicente Luis Imperial y Ormaechea. The official design will be posted here soon and in our official Facebook group page.

Dr. Nydia Christina & nephew Prince Victor Salamat

Dr. Nydia Christina Ambida with nephew Prince Victor Salamat 

We invite you to continue what our great ancestors had started 163 years ago. We will still continue the traditions they did in our previous Las Familas Unidas such as uniting with fellow family members, celebrating life, bringing and sharing of our native food together with their families. We have certain rules to follow below for our 93rd  Las Familias Unidas:
1. In bringing of food, kindly bring your own snacks, lunch and other meals. We also encourage you to share them. 
2. About bringing of drinks, please don't bring alcoholic drinks. All alcoholic drinks will not be allowed inside the Ynares Sports Arena. 
3. We encourage you not to bring firearms with you. Don't worry, we will have a big security during our 93rd  Las Familias Unidas
4. We encourage you not to address our relatives by means of their professional titles and social standings to avoid building walls of communication.  Kindly call us by our first names or by simply the titles that we, Filipinos / Mexican / Spanish / Irish commonly address to our elders. 
5. Please wear your assigned colors. For you to know them kindly contact us at losherederos@yahoo.com or at our incoming office in Calatagan, Batangas, The Philippines
6. For Sauza by ancestry, kindly click this link SAUZA RELATIVE INFO SHEET and fill up the form.
7. Kindly click and fill up as well the LAS FAMILIAS UNIDAS 2013 ATTENDANCE.
8. For those who will come from the far away provinces and from other countries, please inform us by sending email at losherederos@yahoo.com and by answering Numbers 5, 6 and 7 ahead of this.
9. Let us socialize with our fellow family members instead by staying with our fellow family members whom we see and communicate regularly.
10. Most of all, let us not debate about politics, religions, past family issues including present family personal issues. Let us have fun as a big happy family! 

We invite you to sponsor games during the 93rd Las Familias Unidas, to bring old and usable clothing, toys, beddings, computers, books and other kitchen materials for our donations to our adopted communities.

We invite you to donate prizes either sacks of rice, grocery items, appliances or cash for our major prizes during our 93rd  Las Familias Unidas. For those who are interested, kindly email at losherederos@yahoo.com.

Together with the Familia Sauza-Berenguer de Marquina Corporation and the 93rd Las Familias Unidas Secretariat, let us remove the issue of illegitimacy, concubinage, gender orientation and others that will cease our good relations as a big happy clan. Regardless of our backgrounds in life, we invite you to join us and be with us! We assure you that there will be no discrimination in our 93rd  Las Famiias Unidas

Welcome to Familia Sauza-Bereguer de Marquina and welcome back home! Come one, come all! God bless us all! 

 93rd  Las Famiias Unidas Head Host

08 November 2012
Batangas City, The Philippines

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