NEWS UPDATE: Our first national awardee for The Marcela Mariño-Agoncillo y Coronel Teacher of the Year will be given to Mercy Victorio-Madrid y Piano of Aguilar, Pangasinan, The Philippines.

Info of her including her genealogy will be posted soon. She was nominated on line for this category. Out of the 488 nominees from all over the Philippines, she topped our nominations and eventually became our first national awardee. Our 12-person panel of judges came from 10 countries across the globe.


You can now nominate for The Marcela Mariño-Agoncillo y Coronel Teacher of the Year. This is given to any living descendant of the Sauza family and of the Familia Sauza-Berenguer de Marquina who gave / gives remarkable contribution / contributions in the progress of giving and promoting quality education among the various sectors of the society particularly those who are lesser in life in terms of fortune. Through his / her selfless, dedicated and sincere actions as a teacher, his / her academic community in particular is more benefited by his / her humanitarian works. He / she inspires her students, the parents and guardians of her community and her co-teachers to continue working on for persevering individual literacy, for remarkable community progress and for successful nation building without expecting in return. He / she works not for personal gain.

The good reputation of the nominee in his / her community is also checked.     

Nominate On Line

When answering the Nominate On Line, the nomination should tell the story of what your nominee has done in the reference of the award you are nominating him / her for. Kindly give examples of how this excellent quality has been demonstrated. Kindly show your nominee has

* contributed in a distinctive way to improving the lot of those less able to help themselves;

* devoted himself / herself to sustained and selfless professional / voluntary service;

* shown innovation or creativity in delivering lasting results;

* described as vividly and precisely as possible the difference his / her contributions has made: How were things before they began? How are they now?;

* earned the respect of their peers and become a role model for others;

* produced, perhaps against the odds, sustained achievement that has required moral, courage, vision and the ability to make tough choices or determined application and hard work.

Your identity as the nominator is kept confidential by the 2014 Las Familias Unidas Secretariat and Committee on Awards. 

The Sauza and Berenguer de Marquina ancestry of your nominee will be checked by our archives-in-charge for reference and for award qualification.     

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